Monday, April 29, 2013

Women's Congress for Future Generations
Toward a Declaration of the Rights of Future Generations
Essential Concepts

We stand witness for Future Generations and are making a Declaration of the Rights of Future Generations and the Responsibilities of Present Generations.

The intention of the Women’s Congress for Future Generations is to fulfill the special responsibility and authority that women hold as the first environment for future human generations and create pathways toward achieving whole health, justice, and sustainability for the Earth Community in this generation and for all generations to come.  To this end we are sourcing a Living Declaration of the Rights of Future Generations to serve as a guide for dialogue, values realignment, and precautionary action.
Interdependence. Life arises within the interdependence of the elements (air, earth, water, fire), mountains, oceans, rivers, deserts, soil and sky, microbes, plants and animals, including humans.  All visible and invisible beings are interrelated, sharing molecules and energy and making up the web of life.  Nothing is separate in the Earth Community.  Love and compassion are the glue holding the parts together as a whole.
Precautionary Principle shifts the burden of proof and assumes the axiom "Do no harm".  If you don't know whether harm will be done, don't do it.  As consciousness rises, admit mistakes and course correct.
As the first environment for Future Generations, the Womb must be respected and honored.  The first principle of interdependence is learned in the Womb creating intrinsic trust that is foundational to healthy relationships.  What happens in the womb impacts each child born now and every future generation.
Economies must not destroy ecosystems.  Economies are situated within ecosystems, and thus, economic activities are dependent on intact ecological systems. Economies must honor ecological principles of interrelatedness and interdependency, and be regenerative.
All life has the right to exist and maintain its natural systems, rhythms and cycles in a clean and healthy environment.
"All" is part of Commons as a planetary system including but not limited to air, water, seeds, climate, belonging and beauty.  Commons may not be owned, traded or sold. 
Rights create responsibilities.  In addition to individuals, responsibilities for protecting rights must be located in specific bodies that can be held accountable, such as government commissions and agencies.
Toward a Declaration of the Rights of Future Generations
Right of individuals and Future Generations to a clean, biologically diverse, and healthy environment.
Individuals of all species have a right to a clean and healthy ecosystem that is biologically rich and diverse with its vital integral cycles and systems intact, to be respected, and to not be wasted, degraded, polluted, devalued, excluded or cast aside.
Right of nature to exist.   Nature and all ecosystems have the right to exist, whole and intact. All Earth communities have the right to have their ecosystems restored to their naturally dynamic and healthy equilibrium.
Right to peace.  Communities, human and ecological, animate and inanimate, have the right to a peaceful (and cooperative) living in their communities, generating meaningful relationships or partnership based on respect, trust and humility with fellow members and natural systems.
The Right of integrity of MotherBaby.  The relationships around MotherBaby have an intrinsic right to be well-resourced, undisturbed and protected.
Communities have right to self-determination and representation.
Right to environmentally sustainable and socially just economies.
Corporations do not hold personhood rights.
With these Rights come Responsibilities
Present Generations have a responsibility to:
Honor earth systems.   Maintain a planetarian perspective that recognizes the unique niche and contribution of all elements and life forms in the planetary ecology.
Be conscious guardians and stewards of our earth community.  It is incumbent upon us to develop facilities and incorporate new levels of consciousness as we become aware of them.  Listen to the wisdom of indigenous peoples, elders, children and our planet and our own inner wisdom.
Uphold the right of communities to self-representation and self-determination.
Integrate the Precautionary Principle.  Take action to prevent harm. As consciousness rises, admit mistakes and course correct. 
Protect and prevent harm to the integrity of MotherBaby.  MotherBaby are integral and interdependent and cannot be treated separately.
Live through our heart/mind connection of empathy, tolerance and compassion.
Stay open, continually seek new learning and course correct.
Incorporates restorative justice in amending our relationship with each other and our planet.
Maintain economic practices aligned with the balance of life.
We have a responsibility to take action.
These rights and responsibilities have implications for our legal, moral and economic systems.
New economic, social, and legal systems aligned with the holistic well being of the earth community and which recognize the rights of all beings and elements are essential.
We must act now!
We ask that you commit to this Declaration to honor and uphold all relationships in the Earth Community so that we may leave a healthy, harmonious, and beautiful world to Future Generations.

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